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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NEON - new album

Track list:
1. No One Can Save Me Tonight
2. End Of The Line
3. Love That I Lost
4. Blood On Blood
5. Believe
6. Celestial Summer
7. Jealous Sky
8. Days I..m Living For
9. Since Been Gone
10. Kiss Of Hope
11. Fucking Worthless
12. Neon Rain

The Finnish forefront rock band and export act Negative is due to release their fifth album June 2nd. The new album, titled "Neon", has been recorded at the Broken Wave –studios in Los Angeles with Warren Riker as the engineer / assistant producer and Jimmy Westerlund as the producer. Riker has worked with artists like Michael Jackson, Korn and Santana.

The production
"Neon" is a milestone in Negative’s career. A lot has been invested in the production – the material has been polished to perfection before entering the studios under the supervision of Jeff Blue. Mr Blue is an award-winning music producer and A&R who discovered Linkin Park among others. The singer Jonne Aaron’s vocal scale stretches wider than ever and the band’s playing comes together brilliantly on this upcoming album. Aaron has composed an album filled to the brim with emotional stadium rock.

"Neon" is also the first Negative album to be released in Europe and Asia simultaneously. The record will be released in Finland and Europe by Warner Music and JVC Music in Asia.

The first single and video
The first single taken from the album, "End of the Line", will be distributed to radio stations March 1st, and will be followed by a music video later in the Spring. Jonne Aaron describes the album as “melody rich and comprehensive string of pearls with a twist”.