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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Check out the just released Negative Reino-slippers.

You can order your own pair of the shoes here:
And you'll also get a Special Edition single containing four Negative's hits!

Charity auction at Moro's flea market.
Negative vocalist Jonne Aaron donated his black long jacket
with the angel logo to the charity auction organized at Moro's flea market.
All the profit from the event will be used to support the operation of Ruokanyssät,
an organization from Tampere.
The bidding for the jacket was fearce and people from young fan girls to adult men
and women gave their bids. Finally the highest bid came from Jarmo Kukko,
a man from Sastamala who got the jacket for 120€.
This was almost the highest I was willing to pay for the jacket, Kukko commented.
He also told that no eager young fan was waiting for the jacket at home
but he bought it for himself.