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Friday, June 25, 2010

New interview - AUTONA magazine

"NEON" - the positive spirit of Finland... or what happens when the sun comes out!

Autona: First of all... can you save yourself from the female fans after the shows? You seem to have so many female fan bases, that's impressing!

Jonne: Yes! We have big size men on our live crew, so they keep us safe from them. For some reason it seems that even since we started making live shows there have been always a strong reaction regarding female audience by the band. But I have only one message for all the men out there, if you wanna get laid truly like you have never had before, just come to see our shows cos' all the gorgeous women are there.

Autona: You have lots of fans in America. So are you still busy staying in contact with them via Myspace?

Jonne: Myspace is a good channel, but our Facebook site seem to be even better way to stay in touch with our fans. Every month there`s a 1000 new members for the Facebook profile of Negative. So all these social networks are great for

Autona: You combine Finland with the spirit of the Californian Glam Rock. How important was Michael Monroe for your music style?

Jonne: To me it was personally, when I started out to come up with visual side of my stage person, Michael was included top 3 of my influences including Freddie Mercury and Axl Rose as well.

Autona: I love that picture on the back cover, under the Pier. Where did you take that picture?

Jonne: That picture was taken at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, on a same beach where the cover of the album was taken as well. Just to mention that it was taken at the same beach as Jim Morrison And Ray Mantzareg formed a band called the Doors. (laughing) You can see that place in several movies and tv-serials, which is quite funny.

Autona: You'll start your Germany-Tour this fall. Where will you play this summer ... on festivals?

Jonne: We just got back home from Austria Nova Rock. The show was great and we had a lot of fun. Because the release of the album was delayed in Europe and it was pushed all the way at the end of this summer, we are little bit late considering festival season. But in Finland there will be all the biggest festivals out there. Next summer I truly hope, we are able to make as many festivals as possible in Europe.

Autona: Are you watching the Soccer World Championship in South-Africa?

Jonne: Sure and if you ask honestly I'm on your side (laughing) My fingers are crossed!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


NEGATIVE-band wishes a peaceful and nice midsummer celebration to everyone, and will expect all at TAMMERFEST in 17.07.2010!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Neon Drink

If you go to Tampere, you really need to taste Neon drink for 5€ at Ruma Klubi. It´s yummi. ;)

2cl Bols Strawberry
2cl Bacardi apple
Orange soft drink (Jaffa)
Red Grenadine
Grapefruit soft drink

"NEON"- Releasing Party 2010

Tampere Ruma restaurant 18.6 2010

"NEON"- Releasing Party 2010

Tampere Ruma restaurant 18.6 2010

"NEON"- Releasing Party 2010

Tampere Ruma restaurant 18.6 2010

Hyvää Syntymäpäivää, Antti! - myöhässä ;)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Negative - Jonne - WeROCK City TV Station

Jonne Aaron sairastui tv-ohjelman nauhoituksessa

Negative-yhtyeen solisti Jonne Aaron sai rankan allergia- ja astmakohtauksen tv-ohjelman nauhoituksissa.

Kohtaus iski Ratula-ohjelman nauhoituksissa viime maanantaina. Perjantaina Negativen uuden Neon -levyn julkistamistilaisuudessa Tampereella yskivä ja niiskuttava Jonne ei voinut vieläkään laulaa.

- Ratulan maalaistalossa on paljon kissoja ja muita eläimiä ja olen ollut vuosia kaukana eläimistä astmana ja allergian takia. Nauhoituksissa jo tunsin oireet ja ne ovat vain pahentuneet. Karvat laukaisivat astman, Jonne kertoo.

Lohtua olotilaan tuo kuitenkin Negativen viides studioalbumi. Neon äänitettiin kolmen kuukauden reissulla Los Angelesissa.

Fanit jyräsivät lavalle Kiinassa

Jonnen kevät- ja kesäkiireisiin ovat kuuluneet myös promootiomatkat Japaniin ja Saksaan, sekä esiintyminen Suomen paviljongissa Sanghain maailmannäyttelyssä.

- Kiinassa sain melkein paniikkikohtauksen, kun sadat fanit alkoivat nousta lavalle ja jäin puristuksiin. Järjestysmiehet eivät ehtineet hätiin ja koko bändi pakeni paikalta, minä jäin sinne jalkoihin. Meni puoli tuntia kun kokosin itseni takahuoneessa järkytyksen jälkeen, Jonne kertoo kauhunhetkistä Kiinassa.

Tampereen levyn julkistamistilaisuudessa lanseerattiin myös Negativen kesäinen ja väkevä nimikkodrinkki.