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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Message from Jonne!

Kiitos paljon, Moimoisuomirock

Monday, September 20, 2010

Upcoming Shows - "NEON" tour 2010 - GERMANY - Media Landscape

GERMANY is the country in the “heart of Europe”, located very much in the centre of the continent. In terms of population and economic strength it is the largest state West of Russia on the continent. About 82.5 million people live (2005) in Germany in 33 million households of which 98 per cent have at least one TV-set. About 10 per cent of the population are foreign or have roots outside of Germany. The language is German and together with Austria and the German speaking part of Switzerland about 100 million people make up a German language space, constituting a rather large market.\

Germany looks back at a long history of mass media. Some of the first newspapers started here roughly 400 years ago. During the years of the Nazis the mass media had become a tool of the dictatorship. In 1945 the media experienced an “hour zero” and started nearly completely anew. The postwar media system was based on the principle of press freedom as stipulated in the constitution of 1949. Until 1990 Germany was a divided country.

The media system of the former GDR was highly centralized and worked under the control of the Communist Party. It disappeared during the process of unification, but patterns of media usage still differ between East and West. Today the major media production centres are located in the “old” West, newspapers of the former GDR are usually controlled by Western companies. - Media Landscape


30.09.10 - Beatpol, Dresden, GERMANY
01.10.10 - Columbia Club, Berlin, GERMANY
02.10.10 - Tivoli, Bremen, GERMANY
04.10.10 - Logo, Hamburg, GERMANY
05.10.10 - Matrix, Bochum, GERMANY
06.10.10 - Essigfabrik, Köln, GERMANY
07.10.10 - Substage, Karlsruhe, GERMANY
09.10.10 - X, Herford, GERMANY
10.10.10 - Museumskeller (Gewerkschaftshaus), Erfurt, GERMANY
11.10.10 - Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, GERMANY
12.10.10 - Backstage, München, GERMANY
13.10.10 - Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, GERMANY

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Conclusion!

The Best Concert of the year "NEGATIVE", until now. - 16.09.10 - Sellosali, Espoo
Congratulations Boys and GOOD LUCK!!!

The End Of The Line - Sellosali, Espoo - 16.09.2010

Kiitos paljon, chiriko87
From new album "NEON" - 2010

Since You´ve Been Gone - Sellosali, Espoo - 16.09.2010

Kiitos paljon, chiriko87
From new album "NEON" - 2010

Planet Of The Sun - Sellosali, Espoo - 16.09.2010

Kiitos paljon, chiriko87
From "ANORECTIC" - 2006

Frozen To Lose It All - Sellosali, Espoo - 16.09.2010

Kiitos paljon, chiriko87
From "SWEET & DECEITFUL" - 2004